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5 reasons why you aren't being found in Google

Is your business is showing up in the search engines below your competition? Or on the search engines at all? Find out why.

5 Quick Tips for Better Google Rankings

With so many different websites and businesses online, you want to make sure people can find your site. Otherwise, it isn't going to do you much good to have a website to begin with. It is so important to have someone who knows how to properly utilize SEO to your advantage. Even though SEO takes time and hard work, it will all be worth it in the end when your business is showing up in the search engines above your competition. When you have a solid team of professionals working on your side, you can make sure your business shows up in the search engines. The following reasons may be why you aren't showing up in Google.

Make sure you’re Google Verified

Have you created a Google Business Listing and verified your existence as a real business? Have you added meaningful content to your website that tells Google where you are located, who you serve, your contact info, etc? One of the key things to getting your business to rank in the search engines is to make sure you have a lot of quality content tailored to your specific industry. Information should be useful and include a number of niche specific keywords if you want to get people linking to your site and coming back for more.

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Help the search engines find you.

Search engines use spiders to search through a large amount of information. They create indexes containing all of the pages they find and what keywords relate to those pages. You want to make sure your business is listed in those indexes. You can search and see if your site is ranking in the indexes by searching through Google's index. This will let you know how many of your pages are ranking and how many aren't. If you aren't in the indexes, you aren't going to get people to visit your website.

Encourage other websites to link to your site.

Having other websites link back to your website is a pivotal part of your SEO. While a couple links might help Google find you, having a lot of links will let Google know that your website is an important resource for people searching for certain topics. The more links you have coming to your website from credible sources, the higher you are going to rank in the search engines.

Identify the keywords you want people to use to find your site.

People often find websites by searching for specific keywords. You need to identify what keywords people are going to use to search for information on topics like yours. This allows you to craft quality content around those keywords to get people to find your website. If you don't have quality keywords in place, no one is ever going to find your website. Think about phrases that are specific to your business.

Keywords should be placed in strategic locations - BUT Be Natural.

Just because you have a keyword on your website, that doesn't mean you are going to get the results you want. You need to place the keywords in the proper locations to maximize traffic. Consider placing keywords in your headlines, titles, metadata, main paragraph and link test. This will help maximize your exposure and build your ranks in the search engines. When writing your website copy, don’t just focus on the science of being found - make it natural and interesting. Think about engaging your audience and inspiring them to take action.

We understand that SEO can be confusing and overwhelming. That's why we are here to help simplify the process and get you the results you desire in the shortest amount of time possible. Contact us for more information on what we have to offer you.

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