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6 signs it is time for a website redesign

There's no set time frame for your website designs longevity. However, these six signs will help you understand when it might be time for a website redesign.

The Six Signs Are

  1. Your Site is Hard to Use on Mobile Devices
  2. Your Brand, Products or Services Have Changed
  3. Your Site Takes Too Long to Load
  4. Your Shares on Social Media Do Not Look Good
  5. Visitors Do Not Stay on Your Website for Very Long
  6. Your Competitors Have Redesigned Their Websites

When you are on your website frequently, you may not notice how out-to-date it is. Make sure to keep these six tips on your mind while examining your website.

Nowadays, the primary searching tool is mobile devices rather than computers. If you are unsure of just how many people use their mobile device to navigate your website, you can use your website analytics to find out. It is crucial to make sure your website can function on the mobile device screen due to how many consumers browse through their phones. If it does not function on mobile devices you will lose a large portion of potential customers. To prevent from losing those potential customers you will need to redesign your website to be responsive. When redesigning, focus on making sure it has the capability to have legible text, clear images, easy mobile navigation, and the correct website size, so that it is mobile user-friendly.

New Products or Services

Quite often companies and businesses will update or change the products or services they have to offer. This change is one of the most typical reasons to redesign your website. Websites are meant to showcase your offerings, so it is important that it stays relevant and up to date. By doing so, potential customers can see what your brand truly stands for and what your business has to offer. Redesigning your website will be extremely beneficial and it will allow for the consumers to get an understanding of your business, which will lead to more potential clients/sales.

Poor Load Times

If your website takes too long to load then that is a huge reason to redesign. Everyone is always in a hurry, and no one wants to wait, especially not while browsing through websites. If your pages take longer than a few seconds to load, the user is most likely going to navigate away from your page. In addition, Google adds page speed as a factor in determining where you rank in the search engine. Do not run the risk of having a slow website, because not only will consumers not see you as a top suggestion on google, but if they do click on your website, they will likely navigate out and you will miss out on a potential customer.

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Poor Presentation on Social Channels

When your website is shared on any social media, you want it to look aesthetically pleasing so that you can grab the eye of potential customers. If your shares on social media do not look good, that is a sign for a website redesign. Around 30% of website traffic comes from social media, so having poor presence on social media will eliminate the chance of capturing that percentage of website traffic. You will want to redesign your website so that it catches the eye of social media users. Make it more appealing and you will begin to see a high quality social media shares.

High Bounce Rate

Every business wants to see visitors navigating their website and staying on for a longer period of time. Using Google Analytics, a business can see how many potential customers click onto their website, how many pages on average a visitor goes through, and their website bounce rate. A bounce rate will show how often people leave your site having only visited one page. Having a higher bounce rate, such as above 80%, will be a sign your website is not up to par with what the consumers are looking for. This is why it is a great sign for you to redesign your website. If you can redesign your website and lower your bounce rate, that means more people spent a longer period of time looking through your website. In turn, this leads to higher conversions.

Falling Behind Competitors

Staying competitive in business is crucial. You never want to come in last place against your competitors. If your competitors have begun updating and redesigning their website to appeal more to the public, then you should also consider following the trend. If a potential consumer is looking online and sees your competitors more relevant website compared to your older, less modern website, they will most likely choose your competitor.

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