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7 reasons responsive websites are essential

The demand for responsive design continues to grow substantially. Here are seven reasons that responsive design is becoming increasingly important.

Web design has become much more complex over the past 20 years. At one time, designers could create a layout, test it their PC and publish it on the Internet. Their job became more difficult when new browsers and machines were released on the market. They had to test their websites in multiple browsers to ensure every visitor had a great user experience.

The introduction of mobile technology has been the biggest challenge. Some web designers didn’t initially want to focus on optimizing websites for mobile devices. However, a ComScore study shows that more people use mobile devices than desktops to surf the web. This means that developing mobile websites needs to be a top priority. Fortunately, responsive design technology makes it easier to make the process more efficient.

Need for Responsive Design

Responsive web design allows web designers to create a uniform user experience across many types of devices. The demand for responsive design will grow substantially as mobile technology becomes more prevalent. Here are seven reasons that responsive design is becoming increasingly important.

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1) Improves User Experience

Companies are finally starting to appreciate the importance of a great user experience. Research from UpTop found that every dollar spent on enhancing the user experience increases sales by $2-$100. Responsive design is one of the most effective approaches to offering a quality user experience across multiple devices.

2) Ease of Management

Managing a single website is much easier and more efficient. You also don’t want to worry that you will forget to update one version of your site. Responsive design allows you to streamline the process by changing your website content only once, leaving it to the design to fit your website to whatever device it might be seen on.

3) Appeal to Social Users

Using responsive design is a great way to optimize your website for people that access it through their mobile devices. Having a responsive website helps retain those users that may be visiting your website through Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks.

4) Best Option for SEO

Google prefers responsive websites over mobile themes. Part of this is because having a separate mobile website means that Google - and other search engines - are having to index your site multiple times. Responsive design uses CSS to allow your website to adapt to the device, while your content is only on one set of URL's, meaning that your site can be indexed more efficiently.

5) More Accurate Analytics

Keeping accurate data on user behavior is important to measure and maximize conversions. Unfortunately, keeping track of visitors can be very difficult when you have multiple versions of your site. Creating a single website with responsive design makes it much easier to track your visitors and conversion goals.

6) More Cost-Effective PPC Campaigns

Google Adwords and other PPC campaigns offer a high ROI. However, mobile devices have made it more difficult to execute PPC campaigns successfully. Companies needed to buy separate ads for mobile and desktop traffic, which forced companies to spend more money to reach customers on different devices simultaneously.

Fortunately, responsive design allows companies to buy a single set of ads for their site. Google Adwords and other PPC providers offer Enhanced Campaigns that make sure traffic is directed to the proper version of the site for the device they are using.

7) Avoid Needing to Update for New Devices

One of the biggest frustrations with designing mobile websites was factoring for different devices with various screen sizes. Web designers could design different versions of their site for every device on the market, but still receive complaints from a customer when a new device was released.

Responsive design allows developers to create a uniform experience without having to worry about screen size. This eliminates the need to create new mobile versions when new devices are released.

For these seven reasons and more, 118group is dedicated to creating only responsive-design websites. This way, your website can be well-positioned for the growing mobile audiences. You will never have to worry about updating multiple versions of websites and you'll make search engines happy by having a single, flexible website. If you aren't using a responsive-design website yet, please give us a call so that we can help you take the biggest step in getting found online and retaining customers today.

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