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A Doll Like Me

A Doll Like Me was born out of the idea that our unique differences make us beautiful and that children need to see themselves in the toys that they play with. Amy needed a clean and accessible website that made it easy for people to support the mission.
I had a fantastic experience working with 118Group Web Design. I own a nonprofit and have intended on designing a web page for almost six years. I had very specific things that I did and did not want to include. Since the majority of the families that I serve have a child with a physical difference or different ability, I wanted my site to both reflect those kids and also be user-friendly. Inclusivity and representation are so important in our global community. Admittedly, I was pretty picky about how it would look. In my mind, simple is powerful, and I wanted a site that was easy to navigate (and not come across as overwhelming). From our first interaction, 118Group was so attentive and so accommodating. It helps that we share a similar vision in terms of designing a site that is accessible to EVERYONE. I am grateful for their patience...for their attention to small details...their flexibility...and their professionalism. The site reflects my vision and has all of the components that I think are important.
- Amy Jandrisevits, CEO

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