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As Cape Cod’s first shared workspace grows to having a new location in Mashpee and other new locations potentially on the way, CapeSpace approached 118Group seeking a fresh start. We rebuilt the website with the ability to easily add new locations to their infrastructure, and gave the design a total overhaul.
Owning a business is hard enough work without trying to navigate your way through the complexities of digital marketing. I was spending an enormous amount of time on it myself, and not being very effective, before I hired 118Group. After one meeting with this super-professional group of smart, energetic professionals I started to feel the weight lift, and soon after I started to see results from their efforts. They take the time to really understand my business and they know how to deliver quality content and distribution on my budget. They get it. They're also a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend!
- Robbin Orbison, Owner

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