Why Your Business Should Be Using Linkedn

LinkedIn is an important tool for business owners to gain credibility, market, sell and connect with like-minded professionals. The following are some of the reasons why your business (and employees) should be using this professional social media network.

What Can You Do to Make Your Website ADA Friendly?

Making sure your business is physically ADA compliant is more easily comprehensible than making sure your business is virtually ADA compliant. In order to follow the ADA guidelines on your website, your site must be perceivable, operable, understandable, and friendly to assistive technology for the disabled.

How to Help Your Web Designer Understand What You Want

It’s not always easy when trying to portray what you envision for your website to your web designer. Below are our personal recommendations to better help your web designer create the website of your dreams!

Why Does Your Business Need Facebook?

Out of all the social media platforms, Facebook is the #1 used platform for businesses. It is a means of interacting and engaging with consumers whether your business is large or small.

Meet 118Group’s CEO: Dylan Steven

For those who have had the first meeting to discuss the possibility of a website redesign or build, you have most likely already spoken with our web designer Dylan Steven. What you might not know, is that he is also the CEO of 118Group.

How to Drive Consumers to Your Website

Your website is where you promote your services and products, so the more traffic you receive, the greater the chance you have of gaining new customers. Read our top 8 tips for driving traffic to your website.

Online Ordering Food Applications. Which One Should You Choose?

Choosing an online food ordering system is no easy task and is an important decision for a business to make. These systems are crucial as they can help boost sales, create a strong consumer base, and create a more organized structure for a business.

Is Your Business Using Twitter to It’s Advantage?

Not only does it make your company more accessible by being on another platform, but it also can help with your sales and marketing efforts as a whole. Use these strategies on Twitter to see the best results for engaging with, promoting, or gathering information on your target audience.