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How Do I Decide What Colors to Use for My Brand?
Colors are one of the fundamental tools at your disposal for marketing your brand. With the proper and strategic application of color, you can enhance your brand's awareness and visibility.
WooCommerce vs Shopify: Which is Better for My Business?
Most people planning to start an e-commerce business face this dilemma. Although both platforms are designed to help people build online stores, they vary in terms of pricing, user experience, and available features.
Why Replatforming Your Website Is A Good Choice
If your website has reached the end of its life, it does not mean that it should be the end of your online presence. If your old platform no longer serves you, you can always shift to a new one. Here are some of the benefits of switching to a new platform.
Meet 118Group’s Senior Project Manager: Hannah Whitbeck
Hannah has been into web design since she was only 12 years old. Like many others in her generation, she began with MySpace.
How to Create an Effective Onboarding Strategy
During the onboarding process your client should gain the understanding, knowledge and necessary tools to be informed and engaged. Consider implementing these best practices when developing your onboarding strategy!
The 10 Best WordPress Themes
Are you having trouble choosing a WordPress theme for your new website? This article will walk you through the ten most suitable themes based on the purpose of your site.
Should You Hire a Designer Before You Start Your Business?
A common dilemma that new business owners face is the decision of whether to involve a designer, due to the cost involved in hiring one. Find out why the investment of hiring a designer can help propel new businesses to success.
What Features Should Your Homepage Have?
Your homepage serves as the virtual front door to your business and sums up what your website is all about. Read this brief overview of the key features your homepage should have to perform competently in search engine results pages.
The Anatomy of the Perfect Sales Landing Page
Your sales landing page is a full time salesperson. It has to help your leads connect with your product offering and instill their confidence. Follow these tips to create the perfect landing page.
WordPress vs. Wix vs. Squarespace
Today, you don't have to be well versed in coding to create your own website. Various platforms now have tools available for those looking to cut costs and create a basic online presence. We analyze these three site builders based on various factors to let you take your pick.
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