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Cape & Islands Veterans Outreach Center

Client Mission: To connect veterans, their families, and the Cape and Islands community through comprehensive, life-sustaining services and support since 1983.

The Context

The Cape & Islands Veterans Outreach Center (CIVOC) had been a client of 118Group’s for many years but their original website design was starting to get stale. When the organization hired a new Development Manager, we were really excited to know that one of the main priorities was going to be redesigning the look of the organization. 

Our Solution

We decided alongside the new Development Manager that both the brand and the website needed to be redone. The organization had evolved substantially since the original design had been put in place and this needed to be reflected online. Further, the colors and imagery of the original brand were starting to feel old at a time when the organization was looking to showcase its continued investment in its mission. 

The Logo

The organization wanted to move beyond the old camouflage imagery typically associated with veterans' services and into something more representative of the veteran experience at home. They still really liked the layout and iconography of the original design so we blended the color updates into the existing logo. 

The Logo (Before)

The Logo (After)


The Homepage

The redesigned homepage moves away from the green and browns and uses blues and reds to inject more life into the page. Further, more emphasis was put on the most important actions users can take on the site, either donating as a supporter or getting help as a potential client of the organization, and the navigation was redesigned in order to be more focused on action-oriented menu items and less on a topic-oriented menu.

The Homepage (Before)

The Homepage (After)


Social Proof

We displayed key stats that the organization felt appropriately displayed the commitment that’s been made to the clients and their families. Potential donors want to know that their dollars are going to organizations that re-invest their capital into client services and the section below helps to convey that message. 

Powerful Calls-to-Action

We included powerful CTAs on every page that addressed the organization’s main objectives, which is to serve their clients and to gather online donations. 

Resource Section for Vets

The organization wanted to make the most important links & resources available easily to users of the site. The resource section we built for the site achieves this! 
Simply put, 118Group outperformed my expectations. Price was excellent. Professionalism top shelf, and I am thrilled with the finished product.”
- Brian Weiner
Development Manager

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