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Elder Services of Cape Cod & the Islands

Client Mission: An organization that helps older adults and people with disabilities maintain well-being and independence.

The Context

Elder Services of Cape Cod & the Islands (ESCCI) needed to re-invent its look if it wanted to stay relevant online. When the leadership from ESCCI approached 118Group, their existing website was dated from both a design and a technology perspective and it led to a poor user experience for their clients and a less-than-stellar first impression. 

Our Solution

While reviewing the current site and putting together a plan for the redesign, it became clear to our team that the branding for the organization needed to be revisited as well. The existing brand featured some dated graphics and colors that fell flat when on-screen. We recommended that the project start with a rebranding in order to establish a solid foundation before shifting into the redesign. 

The Logo

Our main focus when it came to designing a new logo for ESCCI was to move away from the cold blue color scheme and inject some optimism and warmth into the branding. 

The Logo (Before)

The Logo (After)


The Homepage

Our main focus, when it came to the website’s homepage, was first to start with improving the architecture of information. The original site had a confusing and overwhelming left-side menu that left much to be desired from a UX perspective. We consolidated ESCCI’s programs and offerings in order to simplify the main menu experience for users. We also added two CTAs for “Donate” and “Contact” as these were clear priorities for the client.

We then used big, bold text to highlight key information on the homepage and designed a flow from top-to-bottom that felt smooth and natural with plenty of whitespaces and just the right amount of color from the redesigned brand to make elements pop off the page.

The Homepage (Before)

The Homepage (After)


The Highlights

Content Sections

The use of color behind the images, the bright call-to-action, and the use of white space around the text make this section engaging and easy to read!
We made the text large and kept the word count short for specific content areas on the site for impact and legibility.

Resource Section

We built a robust resource section for ESCCI's clients that easily allows them to access important information relevent to their needs.
118Group helped resolve the puzzle of presenting the breadth of our programming and with beautiful results. Our staff, board and clients all appreciate the ease of navigation and interactive features on our new website!”
- Laura Roskos
Communications & Development Manager

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