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Custom website for home improvement companies

How is your home improvement company standing out from the competition? Increase conversions and capture leads with these tips.

Why Does my Home Improvement Company Need a Website?

With the remodeling business growing all the time, it’s becoming harder for home improvement companies to stand out among increasing competition. The number one marketing weapon you can have with any business is a custom website, and it’s especially true for home improvement companies. From roofing contractors to full-service design-build construction companies, custom websites are a necessity in today’s highly competitive home improvement market.

Homeowners often get at least three bids from different home improvement companies before starting a remodeling project. So, you want to ensure that you have a custom website that potential customers not only can easily find online, but that will stand out in visitors’ minds when they are making a buying decision.

A Custom Website Helps Harness the Power of Local SEO

Search engines are your friend, especially when it comes to local search. For years, many contractors have relied on directory listings for leads. Some still do. But in today’s online world, search engine users are looking for a solid website. Home improvement companies without a website, with an outdated website, or with a website that is clunky or difficult to use on mobile devices simply will not capture leads effectively.

A custom website should be built with responsive design, meaning that it will display well and function properly on virtually any device. Many potential customers use their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices to do their searches now. You want to have your local listing linking to an effective website that is easy to navigate, easy to find information, and with effective call-to-actions that make it easy to contact you.

If you aren’t ranking well on local searches, a custom website with the proper SEO (search engine optimization) work done and responsive design will dramatically improve your search rankings. It’s simply a must-have lead generation machine. Companies without websites or ineffective websites simply can’t compete with companies that have well-executed custom websites.

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Custom Websites Can Show Off Your Projects, Products and Services

Having an up-to-date, state-of-the-art website can also be a source of pride for your business. You’ve long been able to have a portfolio of work on a website, but nowadays, you need a custom website that displays your work effectively on every device. Having a custom responsive design website ensures that you show off your past projects as best as you can no matter what device the website visitor chooses to use.

Also, custom websites allow you to showcase your services and favorite products with style. Your website is a great way to highlight value-added services, too.  You may even have a blog that talks about recent projects and exciting news about new products or services that you’re offering. Just try not to over-sell.

A Custom Website Builds Your Company’s Credibility

Businesses that invest a lot of time and energy into their websites show potential customers that they really care about their business. So it’s really no surprise that a new custom website, when properly executed, can lead to a lot of new business out of the gate.

The real advantage with building a custom responsive design website is that the back-end is just as flexible as the front-end. What this means is that your website can be always evolving. Every time you want to change something, it doesn’t require your entire website to be rebuilt. You want to have a website that can evolve and grow with your business, not a website that is stuck in the past and that your business outgrows.

If you have a website that grows and adapts to the current state of your market and remains effective and relevant, this builds your company’s credibility in a way that no other marketing tool can.

Whether you’re a small one-man operation out of a truck to a large full-service construction company, a custom website can work wonders for your business. It will give you a step-up on a great deal of your competition and put you head-to-head with the best in the business. A custom website that is built with responsive design and adapts to your needs is the greatest investment your business can ever make.

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