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How to create an SEO strategy

Whether you are starting your site's SEO from scratch, improving it or just taking over, SEO strategy isn't as hard as it seems. Follow these steps to position your website well for search engine traffic.

Let's Paint a Picture

Let's say that your company is redoing its landing page and you are responsible for the content. Pretty nice, right? Then, you are told to write your content in such a way that optimizes your website traffic by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Suddenly, this project turns out not to be so nice anymore. You aren't a SEO expert. You don't have all that SEO experience. Now, you are panicking.

The good news is that whether you are starting your site's SEO from scratch, improving it or just taking over, SEO strategy isn't as hard as it seems. Not that the rock stars who have their careers in SEO didn't study anything. No! We need those folks. Their expertise is highly valuable because there's a lot of science in SEO especially as Google is continually updating their algorithms.

In a nutshell, we are saying that you don't need a PhD in SEO to position your website well for search engine traffic. Here are the very crucial steps that will help you do that in no time.

Comprehend Your Keywords

You need to know the keywords that are appropriate for your target market so that you can present valuable solutions to their problems. Here, you need to do a little homework—start by stepping into the shoes of your potential customers. Ask yourself, what would you search for online as your solutions? How would you need your problems solved? The answers to these questions will be very important for your keywords.

For instance, if your website resonates around pets, you need to include all the solutions a pet owner may be looking for. These may include, their health solutions, diet, names, allergies affecting pets, and many more.

Come Up with Quality Content

In SEO, content is the king. Let your content be as engaging to your target audience as possible. Also, let your content provide solutions to your audiences' problems—educate them to be better in whatever they do.

Remember to never overstuff your keywords in the content and use appropriate keywords naturally. This is because these actions will play negatively to your website. If search engines find out what you are doing, they can significantly lower your site's ranking or even remove it from the search page completely. And with their super smarts bots, it won't take long before they catch you. Besides, overusing keywords will never impress your visitors—nobody wants to read the same words or phrase over and over again.

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Include Keywords in the Website's Page Titles and URLs

Do not overlook your landing page's URL as it's very vital to your SEO. Actually, it is where your keyword research should begin. For instance, if your page is about pets product, the landing page's URL can feature pets/product. Your focus should be on the most searched keyword.

In addition, it's important to come up with engaging titles for your website pages. Let them perfectly grab your target audience's attention. The top tip is to highlight the benefits the visitors will get from the page and why they should care about it. After you nail that, include strong words, and make it interesting and attention grabbing. Let the keywords appear in most of the headlines—H1, H2, and even H3.

To succeed in the keyword search for both your URL or page, use Google AdWords Keyword Planner or Google Trends. Compare your various keywords to note the keywords that have been searched the most.

Improve your Site's User Experience

In the last few years, Google has placed a lot of emphasis on websites with quality user experience. While the old web ranking factors are the key even today, SEO is increasingly focusing on user optimization. So ensure your website is easy to navigate and all hyperlinks work.

Hire a Professional

As earlier stated, SEO isn't as hard as it may seem. But if you can meet the expense of an expert, it is wise to hire one to ensure your website is thoroughly optimized.

Final Word

You don't need to be an SEO guru to ensure your website receives the desired traffic. When you combine common sense and the above steps, then optimizing your website shouldn't feel like such a daunting task.

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