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How to Drive Consumers to Your Website

Your website is where you promote your services and products, so the more traffic you receive, the greater the chance you have of gaining new customers. Read our top 8 tips for driving traffic to your website.

Why is Website Traffic Important?

Website traffic is an important indicator and driver of business growth and marketing strategy. Your website is where you promote your services and products, and increased traffic can generate more leads, increase conversions, and gain more customers. Below are our top 8 tips for driving traffic to your website:

  1. Content Creation is essential in increasing the number of users visiting your site. The content you create can cause you to show up more frequently in search results, signaling credibility to viewers. Whether your content is from your social media channels or blog post, each creates keywords that will reach new viewers.
  2. Targeted Ads are an easy way to gain traffic on your site. By using search engines, you are able to run targeted ads to specific users, increasing the likelihood that they will visit your site to purchase products or services.
  3. Social Media is key to gaining new leads. The majority of consumers are on social media, so posting content with keywords on your business’s platform allows you to reach more potential customers.

  5. Influencers are a great resource for driving traffic to your site. They perform word-of-mouth marketing strategies, tying themselves to your business. The reason this is so successful is because many consumers find influencers to be reliable sources for a product review, lending credibility to your business and increasing your customer base.
  6. Brand Recognition can generate and maintain significant traffic to your site. One of the best ways to develop strong recognition is through community engagement. Community members are more likely to interact with your posts, giving them power to boost your brand name, as they share your content with their following.
  7. Visual Content is important in drawing users to your site. As a whole, our society is more receptive to visual content, especially when posted on social media. Utilizing your social media platforms and publishing video content can allow your business to be seen by more viewers.
  8. SEO Tools are vital in gaining more traffic to your website and useful for the future of your business. In order to have a strong SEO strategy, we recommend that you use programs, such as Google Analytics. Using this program allows you to find your website’s strong and weak areas, so that you can make data-driven adjustments.
  9. Internal Linking within your blog posts to different areas of your website can lead to users spending time exploring. Using internal linking in posts contributes to gaining website traffic, as viewers not only see blog posts, but also go further on the site to become more familiar with your brand.

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