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As new demand for accessibility in the digital space gains steam, ilumino has positioned themselves as industry-leaders. ilumino approached 118Group to help develop their brand and launch a fully-accessible WCAG 2.1 AAA compliant website. 118Group delivered the branding that matches their team’s personality and a website that engages their audience!
118Group is without a doubt the best development/design/marketing firm that I've ever worked with. My wife works in the tech industry for a company that builds large-scale websites. She randomly met the founder of 118Group, learned about their process and dedication to their clients and was impressed to say the least; she suggested that I check if they were accepting new clients as their passion and experience exceeds that of similar firms she's worked with. The rest is history and I plan on using them as I scale my company nationally. Very few people in this industry do what they say they're going to do, but 118Group does just that. No exaggeration. Feel free to call them and ask for my contact info.
- Mark Reardon, Co-Founder

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