Why Hosting Websites Can Be Expensive

Are you wondering why your hosting bill is going up or what is determining the cost? Read more to find out what goes into the price of your hosting bill.

How to Create an SEO Strategy

Whether you are starting your site’s SEO from scratch, improving it or just taking over, SEO strategy isn’t as hard as it seems. Follow these steps to position your website well for search engine traffic.

Our Top Tips To Avoid The Work From Home Burnout

Many businesses that have transitioned to remote working environments have stated that many employees have been feeling burnt out much more frequently. The team at 118Group has been working remotely for quite some time now and wanted to share our top 5 tips to avoid this burnout in the workplace.

What Is Google Analytics and Why Should You Care?

Google Analytics is a free tool by Google, where you can analyze the website traffic you receive and gain valuable insights that can help you strategize for success. Read more to find out how Google Analytics can help your business.

What Can You Do to Make Your Website ADA Friendly?

Making sure your business is physically ADA compliant is more easily comprehensible than making sure your business is virtually ADA compliant. In order to follow the ADA guidelines on your website, your site must be perceivable, operable, understandable, and friendly to assistive technology for the disabled.

How to Help Your Web Designer Understand What You Want

It’s not always easy when trying to portray what you envision for your website to your web designer. Below are our personal recommendations to better help your web designer create the website of your dreams!

Why Does Your Business Need Facebook?

Out of all the social media platforms, Facebook is the #1 used platform for businesses. It is a means of interacting and engaging with consumers whether your business is large or small.

How to Drive Consumers to Your Website

Your website is where you promote your services and products, so the more traffic you receive, the greater the chance you have of gaining new customers. Read our top 8 tips for driving traffic to your website.

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