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Meet 118Group’s Senior Project Manager: Hannah Whitbeck

Hannah has been into web design since she was only 12 years old. Like many others in her generation, she began with MySpace.

How did Hannah get into web design?

Hannah Whitbeck has been into web design since she was just 12 years old. Like many others in her generation, she began with MySpace where she designed and coded a website that offered free MySpace layouts, graphics, tutorials, and other resources as well as subdomains for people interested in learning to build their own websites. Thinking back to those times now, Hannah jokes that she is “kicking [her]self for the missed business opportunity.”

As she got older and moved into high school, her hobby of designing and creating websites fell to the back burner, until she picked it back up in 2016 when a restaurant she was working for was in need of a new website. During this time, Hannah was finishing up her degree in Human Resources, but when the 118Group opportunity presented itself, she couldn’t say no!

What is it like for her as a Project Manager for 118Group?

Hannah finds that being a Project Manager is a very rewarding career, and she “can’t imagine doing anything else.” She loves to work and collaborate with her co-workers to create a unique website with each project. She finds that no day is the same and it really keeps her on her toes.

The best part for Hannah is that the job is very flexible and has given her the opportunity to create her own schedule. “Having that flexibility is a game-changer in terms of work-life balance and allows [her] to completely avoid getting burnt out.” Hannah says that "the HR nerd in [her] wants to shout this concept from the rooftops to any business that is willing to listen. 118Group really has it figured out and cares about their employees’ happiness.”

What are her goals for 118Group?

Hannah has many goals at 118Group all focusing on continuing to learn and provide the best possible products and services to our clients. “[She] loves building individual relationships with our clients and making them feel like we’re members of their team. 118Group is constantly growing and [she] loves that [she] gets to be a part of that.”

Accessibility is becoming increasingly more important in creating websites. At 118Group, the team has been implementing best practices as well as working on 100% accessible websites for some time now. So, one of Hannah’s personal goals is to “continually learn new tools, techniques, and standards to continue making our websites accessible to all.”

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Outside of work, what does she like to do?

Hannah loves being outdoors and “stepping away from the screen when she can.” She is originally from America’s Hometown in Massachusetts but now is living on the coast of North Carolina. “The beach is [her] happy place and [she] loves to go boating with [her] husband Andrew and boxer, Cooper!” Luckily, in North Carolina, it’s warm most of the year. She also has a great group of friends that have become more like a family that she loves to hang out with on the weekends. So when she’s not online, I'm sure you can find Hannah with her friends on the beach!

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