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How Often Should I Update My WordPress Website With Fresh Content?

Find out how consistently uploading fresh content helps your Google ranking as well as your relationship with your visitors.

The Importance of Updating Your Content

A website on the internet is a living and breathing entity. Every update you make when live, plays a major role in interacting with customers, visitors and search engine. Websites that do not have updates are viewed as dead entities by the search engine, and they have nothing new they can offer.

By consistently uploading fresh content, this offers the search engine new source of information for any of their search request. If you regularly update your website with new articles or downloads, the search engine will give you frequent indexing. But this does not translate to higher indexing. If the search engine such as Google visits your website more often, this is an opportunity to get higher rankings but this depends on the kind of content that is on your website. Fresh content should be engaging and up to date and this will translate to better ranking and higher search traffic. Remember, the role of the search engine is to provide relevant information in terms of results to users.

How Does This Affect My Google Ranking?

Google uses high tech programs called bots to scan the internet for various website. The programs indexes the site bases on various algorithmic factors. Google prefers websites that are updated frequently. Because of this, you should add fresh and quality content on the website as often as you can and you should update content at least once every week.

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What are Google Keywords?

More content published on your website presents a unique opportunity for your site to have keywords. Keywords rank high on the algorithmic chart for a search engine indexing and ranking. Keywords are an important part of the SEO strategy. Adding content that will be viewed by many will get you noticed and comments on an article will count as an update. With this in mind, update information that is engaging. Websites that are dynamic and respond within a short time frame and one that has new fresh ideas will rank higher on Google. To achieve this, it is wise for a website to focus on a small topic and their niche rather than tackle wide topics at a time. When you are done with one niche you can move on to another niche.

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