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How Do I Decide What Colors to Use for My Brand?
Colors are one of the fundamental tools at your disposal for marketing your brand. With the proper and strategic application of color, you can enhance your brand's awareness and visibility.
How Does Google Search Work?
Google Search is the most popular search engine. To maintain its position at the top of the search list, Google constantly uses algorithms to rank websites.
WooCommerce vs Shopify: Which is Better for My Business?
Most people planning to start an e-commerce business face this dilemma. Although both platforms are designed to help people build online stores, they vary in terms of pricing, user experience, and available features.
Why Replatforming Your Website Is A Good Choice
If your website has reached the end of its life, it does not mean that it should be the end of your online presence. If your old platform no longer serves you, you can always shift to a new one. Here are some of the benefits of switching to a new platform.
Meet 118Group’s Senior Project Manager: Hannah Whitbeck
Hannah has been into web design since she was only 12 years old. Like many others in her generation, she began with MySpace.
What is a domain and why is it important?
Having the right domain name will help your business create a brand image and attract more customers. But what exactly is a domain name? And why is it so important? Let's look at how to create a strong domain name; we'll also tell you all about parked domain names.
How to Create an Effective Onboarding Strategy
During the onboarding process your client should gain the understanding, knowledge and necessary tools to be informed and engaged. Consider implementing these best practices when developing your onboarding strategy!
What You Need to Know Before Managing a Remote Team
Stay-at-home orders prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic are creating a challenge for many businesses. For many, it's the first time that managers are in charge of leading remote employees. Fortunately, there are effective, research-based tips that managers can adopt to improve the productivity and eng
How to Respond to Negative Online Reviews
Negative reviews can have devastating impacts on your business, and you'll need to respond to them appropriately to prevent hurting the reputation of your company further. Read these tips on how you should resp
The Importance of Obtaining Google Reviews
According to Trustpilot, 89% of consumers check out reviews on Google before they make up their mind whether to purchase a product or service. Find out the many reasons why you should make all efforts to obtain positive Google company more accessible by being on another platform, but it also can help with your sales and marketing efforts as a whole. Use these strategies on Twitter to see the best results for engaging with, promoting, or gathering info
How to Properly Use Images Online
Many businesses struggle with trying to find safe images to use for their social media or marketing efforts. The following is a list of proper images you can use.
Why Are Website so Expensive?
Business owners looking to create or redesign their website wonder why it is so costly and why the costs go up over time. Find out why the cost of designing a website is constantly changing.
6 signs it is time for a website redesign
There's no set time frame for your website designs longevity. However, these six signs will help you understand when it might be time for a website redesign.
Is Your Website ADA Compliant?
Find out the increasing importance of making your website accessible for Americans with disabilities and complying with the ADA.
Phone Call Scams To Keep An Eye Out For
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) listed the following as the most common ways you can be scammed via your phone.
How Often Should I Update My WordPress Website With Fresh Content?
Find out how consistently uploading fresh content helps your Google ranking as well as your relationship with your visitors.
How to solve a high bounce rate on your website
Have you noticed your site has a high bounce rate? Lower your bounce rate and increase conversions with these four tips.
How to Include Your Website in Your Marketing Plan
Your website is perhaps the most important marketing tool in your arsenal. Find out the reasons why your website is the key to a successful marketing plan.
Custom website for home improvement companies
How is your home improvement company standing out from the competition? Increase conversions and capture leads with these tips.
Webhosting Security Breaches
Cybersecurity is becoming a serious concern over the past few years. Learn lessons from some of the most high profile security breaches.
3 reasons to improve load times
The average website loading time was 4.7 seconds on desktop and 11.4 seconds on mobile. Google’s best practice is to have a speed index under 3 seconds. Where does your site fall?
What Should You Do When You Suspect Someone is Using a Stolen Credit Card at Your Online Business?
If you have an online store, you may have gotten an order that looks suspicious. Here are some steps you should take.
Questions To Ask a Web Designer In an Interview
The difference between a reliable web-designer and an amateur freelancer is easy to spot with these questions.
Why WordPress is the Most Trusted Small Businesses CMS Website
There's a reason that big names such as Ford, People Magazine, New York Times, Playstation and even CNN use Wordpress. Find out why WordPress is the best content management system for your business.
What Small Business Owners Need to Know About Web Hosting
What is a web host and how do you know which one to use?
Why Is Image Optimization Important On Your WordPress Website?
Images play a vital role in your website design, but are they doing more harm than good? Find out how to optimize your images.
Why Use WordPress to Build A Responsive Design Business Website?
With the ever-changing landscape of the internet, a good website needs to be flexible and easily customizable for the long haul. Can you trust your content manage system?
How a Virtual Office Space Provides New Professionalism to the Face of Your Business
Have you always wanted to have an office space for your business? A virtual office space can provide a physical and central location at a low cost.
5 reasons why you aren't being found in Google
Is your business is showing up in the search engines below your competition? Or on the search engines at all? Find out why.
7 reasons responsive websites are essential
The demand for responsive design continues to grow substantially. Here are seven reasons that responsive design is becoming increasingly important.
Online Reviews are Affecting Your Business
Online reviews play a huge role in customer decisions. Learn how positive and negative reviews can affect your business

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