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How to solve a high bounce rate on your website

Have you noticed your site has a high bounce rate? Lower your bounce rate and increase conversions with these four tips.

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Have you been looking over your website stats and noticing a "high bounce rate"? Simply put bounce rate is when someone comes to a page on your site and that's all they look at. What is considered a "good bounce rate"? Usually, a rate this high is considered bad. What causes it? There are a variety of reasons that your website is experiencing a high bounce rate.

Page Load Time

The first thing to watch when you have a bounce rate north of 70 percent is page load time. Many people won’t stay on the page if it doesn’t load quickly. Make sure that your site loads as quickly as possible. The worst thing is a website nobody waits around to see. It could also be that perhaps your page isn't loading correctly, especially on mobile. You’ll want to address any mobile loading issues, as well.

Time on Page

If you're a service-based business, it's possible that visitors could just be grabbing a phone number or email address from your home page and leaving. This could artificially boost your bounce rate and it’s something to watch. You could have good design, but sometimes all people need is the contact info right at the top of the page.

This is when you need to watch your average visitor's time on page. If it's a few seconds that's not good. It means your visitors often aren't getting what they are looking for with your site at all. If it’s more like 15 to 30 seconds, then it’s likely they’re at least scanning the page. But you still want better than that on average.

If your average visitor time is closer to a minute, however, it means people are actually showing interest. That means you're doing something right. So how do you capture their attentions even more?

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Calls to Action and Interactivity

Perhaps, your home page doesn't have enough calls to action. The best way to keep people on your site is to make it interactive and fun. You want your site to have colorful buttons and good,  relevant images that capture attention. Some sites even gamify their content to entice people to interact.

While gamification of a website isn't for everyone, think of new and innovative ways to get your target audience to explore more of your site. Of course, the longer you keep visitors interested, the higher chance that you'll be kept in mind or even contacted right away for your products or services.

Videos are another way to keep people on your site. Many site visitors aren't fond of autoplay videos, but just having one gives visitors another reason to interact with your site. It needs to be short and sweet and be directed at what problems you're trying to solve for your visitors.

Compelling Website Copy and Design

Your website copy and design should flow directly towards converting visitors. The easier you make it for people to know exactly what you do and contact you, the lower your bounce rate will be. Really, as long as your website is effective, your bounce rate will lower accordingly.

If your bounce rate is extremely high, you definitely want to pay attention to what they are missing. Some basic streamlining and better attention grabbing copy, images or features could be all you need to steal the spotlight from your competition.

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