Team Leaders

Dylan Steven


As CEO, Dylan’s main goal is making sure that our client’s needs are met. Dylan is fueled by a desire to deliver an excellent customer experience and is constantly looking for ways to improve the way 118Group does business.

Hannah Whitbeck

Project Management

Hannah manages the life of a project from the proposal stage to pre-launch. With her organization skills and eye for design, she is committed to keeping projects on track, through providing clear communication and ensuring client’s goals are being met. Hannah is also instrumental in developing new quality control processes, in addition to helping clients make updates to their existing websites.

Dale Shadbegian

Search Engine Optimization

Dale is a veteran technologist and career entrepreneur. In addition to leading 118Group’s SEO Team, Dale is a hands-on strategist, responsible for researching and advancing 118Group’s stack of web design, web accessibility, and SEO services. Dale started 118Group in 2010 to help friends and family. As the web evolved, Dale sought new partners with complementing skills to keep ahead of the competition and consistently deliver a better experience.

Meredith Flynn

Quality Assurance

Meredith, a seasoned design and quality control expert, is the creator of 118Group’s extensive quality control guidelines. Meredith’s team ensures both the day-to-day operations of 118Group and all live websites follow these strict QC standards. Her diligent focus on these tasks ensures 118Group websites continue running their best.

Emilie Steven

Business Administrator

Emilie is our in-house expert for everything social media. She has a passion for building brand awareness online and highlighting business’s unique selling points and cultures. She is responsible for building and nurturing engaged digital communities for 118group and our clients.

M. Taiki Magyar

Video Production

Raised in Sandwich, Cape Cod, Taiki has traveled the world with his camera, developing his passion for capturing small and big moments on video. Taiki’s experience ranges from working on small production sets for creative ventures, to working with groups such as the YMCA, Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, and Rideaway Kayak—delivering incredible videos for websites, social media, and marketing initiatives. Taiki is on a mission to deliver high-quality, engaging video content to businesses across Cape Cod.

Marly Reymy

Graphic Design

Marly’s creative mind plays a significant role in all of our web projects here at 118Group. Her ability to bring fresh ideas to each project is what makes her so valuable to our team. Adding to her incredible creativity is her work ethic and attention to detail.

Vlad Kutsenko

WordPress Engineer

Based in Ukraine, Vlad is a senior systems engineer who keeps our sites running at their best around the clock. Vlad’s passion for computer programming started when he was 14 and he consistently solves complex problems when they are presented.