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The 10 Best WordPress Themes

Are you having trouble choosing a WordPress theme for your new website? This article will walk you through the ten most suitable themes based on the purpose of your site.

Are you having trouble choosing a WordPress theme for your new website? This article will walk you through the ten most suitable themes based on the purpose of your site. Let's dive in!


At the top of our list is Admania, which is an ideal WordPress theme for affiliate and AdSense enthusiasts. This is a clean theme that gives your site a modern feel. It comes with over 20 layouts you can use to achieve a custom website appearance that supports ad widgets.


SuperAds, as the name suggests, is also designed to suit websites that are ad-focused. This WordPress theme allows you to optimize your website for AdSense. It is a premium theme that has been built to display your content in an unconventional yet professional way.


SeaShell is a theme designed for blog owners who want a unique appearance for their site. It is a highly customizable theme that allows you to play around with fonts and colors until you achieve what you want.

The Fox

Are you running a contemporary online magazine? Do you want it to have a hip yet professional appearance? If so, then The Fox is what you should go for. This WordPress theme allows you to run a successful online mag.

The Fox also allows you to insert ads before your mag headers, before mag sections, after your magazine logo, as well as on your home page.

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MH Magazine

As the name suggests, MH Magazine is a WordPress theme that targets online magazines. This is fast-loading and will help you boost your site's click through rate. If you're running a news website, this theme will help you give your readers a fulfilling user experience.

MH Magazine supports websites that display a lot of content. It comes with useful organization tools to ensure your readers have an easy time navigating the site.


Avada is a powerful WordPress theme that comes with an un-built visual front-end editor. This means you can easily drag and drop widgets and tools you need on your pages without any coding knowledge.


This is one of the best magazine themes you could ever go for. Voice comes with multiple post listing combinations, header layouts, filtering and pagination options, and so many more themes that ensure your website has the visuals you had in mind.

Divi Theme

Divi Theme is a popular WordPress theme because it features more than 800 pre-designed Divi builders and demos to help you create the kind of website you desire. It has the drag and drop feature that helps customize your pages.

Wise Mag

This is yet another WordPress theme that targets online magazines. Wise Mag is an ideal theme for individuals who want to monetize their online magazines because it makes affiliate marketing and advertising easy.

Even though it is an expensive option, you will definitely get a reasonable return on investment with it.


Are you looking for something extra? Extra is an amazing WordPress theme that ensures you get exactly that. The fact that it is from the Elegant Themes store is enough to tell you it has everything you're looking for in a website theme.

WordPress themes are the best because they come with everything you need for your website. We hope you can find a suitable theme from our list. Customizing your website allows you to present content in a professional and appealing way.

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