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The Anatomy of the Perfect Sales Landing Page

Your sales landing page is a full time salesperson. It has to help your leads connect with your product offering and instill their confidence. Follow these tips to create the perfect landing page.

A landing page is used to attract leads to help a business achieve its growth objectives. It connects a site to marketing actions including links in emails, social media promotions, and pay-per-click ads. It also helps attract organic traffic using keyword strategies for search engine optimization. Below is how to create the perfect landing pages for a business website.

Understand Your Audience

You have to know your audience first so that you can create a sales copy that converts. Understand what the customer is looking to find in your product so that you can develop a product that suits that particular need. One of the best ways to understand this is by use of a buyer persona or consumer avatar, based on data collected from:

  • Web analytics
  • Customer surveys
  • Social media analytics

Developing a buyer persona helps you better understand what influences a buyer's purchase, challenges, pain points, and motivation.

Create a Value Proposition

Once you know who your customers are, it is easier to communicate your product's benefits and how they provide a solution to the customer's problem. Articulating your value proposition gives the customer compelling reasons to settle on your products. The value proposition is at the core of your competitive advantages.

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Determine the Right Length

Now that you understand what the target audience wants, it is time to decide how long the sales page should be. A short copy will work where the customer is convinced about your products, while a long copy is useful when you have to deal with customer objections. Customers who require more conviction will click the call to action for products that require a lot of explanation.

Describe Your Product

You now have to give detailed information about your product and its customer benefits. Reaffirm the major problems faced by your target customers to help break down your solution. This helps convert leads into purchases besides making your product rank higher in search engine results.

Handle Objections

While some people are willing to make a purchase after landing on your sales page, others may require a little bit of convincing. A time-limited offer or discount can help convert leads into sales. If your offer is a premium product, highlight its value and employ the right pricing strategy to convince the customer.

Incorporate Images and Video

A picture can say a thousand words. Direct your users to the most important part of your sales page using images and videos to grab their attention. Ensure that this does not reduce your page's loading speeds by having the graphics pop up at the most appropriate time. Eliminate distractions by ensuring that everything on your sales landing page is relevant to what site is selling.

Call to Action

A call to action (CTA) is your landing page's main focus. It communicates the action you want your leads to take after they have visited your landing page. Highlight the action clearly so that customers can know what is expected of them from a glance. The CTA should:

  • Highlight value
  • Shows the benefit of clicking
  • Use action and power words

Your sales landing page is a full time salesperson. It has to help your leads connect with your product offering and instill their confidence. Give your prospective customers no reason to make guesses about the benefit of using your products.

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