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How a Virtual Office Space Provides New Professionalism to the Face of Your Business

Have you always wanted to have an office space for your business? A virtual office space can provide a physical and central location at a low cost.

Have you always wanted to have an office space for your business? Even if you work out of your home, it’s not always wise to use your home address for your business. This is where a virtual office space can work well for your business. Not only does it protect your privacy at home, but also brings greater professionalism to the face of your business. It not only handles mail, but allows you to run your business from anywhere, while also having a location where clients can meet you.

Really, the best reason to have a separate business address is how people will perceive your business when they look it up online. If someone Googles your name, and a photo of your home and property appear, it doesn’t look incredibly professional. It especially doesn’t look great if it’s an apartment or unit number. More importantly, there are also privacy concerns if you use your home address as your business address. Using your own home address for your business contact information means that an unhappy vendor or client could just show up at your door.

Also, it’s probably true that, most clients probably don’t care that you’re working out of your home. But listing a business address on your website can boost your prospective client base and give those that don’t know you more reason to trust you. QuickBooks lists some other good reasons to decide whether or not you should use your home address for your business and why.

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The traditional solution to this is to invest in a P.O. Box or a mailing address through the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) or UPS. But if people look these up, the Post Office or UPS Store will show up in search. That is OK for your privacy, but still doesn’t leave the best impression for potential clients. This is when having a virtual office space can be even better. For example,  CapeSpace offers virtual office spaces with a real physical address in Hyannis, MA, which is assigned to your business.

This virtual office provided by CapeSpace not only offers mail handling and phone services, but an address where clients can meet you at the CapeSpace facilities. Rather than having to pay rent or a lease, you’re just paying for the CapeSpace member services. It’s a lot more than just a mailbox, as you can do business from it wherever you have an internet connection!

The other great things about having a virtual office space is that if you have any employees, they can do most of their work from wherever! This means that you can still mostly work from the comforts of your own home, along with your employees and associates. Then, when you actually need the office space, it exists for you thanks to the virtual office provider’s facilities. Meanwhile, the virtual office provider has service people of their own to handle whatever you might otherwise pay a secretary to do.

A virtual office space like those provided by CapeSpace give your business an added sense of professionalism with a central location. But it can also save you money in the long run and allow you more flexibility by conducting regular business from wherever! It’s a truly remarkable technology that you should look into if you run your business from home or on the go.

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