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What Is Google Analytics and why should you care?

Google Analytics is a free tool by Google, where you can analyze the website traffic you receive and gain valuable insights that can help you strategize for success. Read more to find out how Google Analytics can help your business.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free tool by Google, where one can analyze the website traffic they receive. It will provide user acquisition data, which is the data of the user before they reached your site, and the user behavior data, which is the data collected when they are on your site.

Why is it Important?

Google Analytics data allows you to analyze in-depth information about the visitors on your website. It provides valuable insights that can help you strategize for success. The following are important things to pay attention to.

  1. Understand Your Websites First Impression Better: Google Analytics will obtain Bounce Rate data, which can help understand what landing page a visitor went to, and whether they were intrigued enough to continue past the initial page or if they were unmotivated to continue and left the site altogether.
  2. Understand your Demographics Better: The data you can find in Google Analytics contains, location, language, gender, and general age range which will allow for a better understanding of the business demographics.
  3. Discover your SEO Rankings: Search engine optimization is crucial to a business, and Google Analytics is great at showing where your website ranks in SEO.
  4. Make Segmentation Easier: Google Analytics has advanced segmentation information where you can discover a lot about your users. This information can be used to create more specific campaigns for certain segments.
  5. Learn More About Your Competitors: There is a specific section within Google Analytics where one can learn about the traffic your business competitors gain. From there you can study what they do differently to achieve success and tailor that for your own site.
  6. Analyze Social Media Success: Through the social media traffic source you can learn which platform has gained the most traction, and produced the most traffic to your site. Then learn which needs improvement in order to gain more traffic through that source.
  7. Learn about your Compatibility: Users may use different browsers, and some of those browsers may not work as efficiently with your site. Discover where most of your traffic comes from regarding web browsers so you can ensure that they have a smooth, fast-paced experience.

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