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Why It's Important to Invest In and Build a Website With the Future in Mind

Having a website brings your service and products into the digital world, and aids in reaching a larger audience. Find out why it's so important to invest in a well-built, future-proof website.

What You Need to Consider

Having a website brings your service and products into the digital world, and aids in reaching a larger audience. It has become so important for businesses, large or small, to invest in having a website because it plays a crucial role in user’s overall shopping experience. Consumers research business, survey products, read customer reviews, and even purchase goods. When you are beginning your journey in building a website remember that a website needs:

Continual Maintenance

This means you need to invest in someone who you can rely on and turn to when there are any website issues. Software updates should be done on a consistent basis in order to keep your website healthy, encourage continued traffic growth, and prevent site crashes. A business owner should be focused on what they love to do, while your web design team makes sure your website is performing at its best.

Enhancements in the future

With ever-evolving technology, it's important to follow the new trends in software by updating your website to the latest technology. If your website falls behind, you will likely run into issues down the road and spend more money doing a complete overhaul of your website instead of gradually making changes.

Design Updates

Web design trends are always changing, and if your website looks outdated, you can lose traffic to your site as well as credibility. When you have a team that focuses their time on keeping websites up to date with the latest trends, your website will continue to drive traffic and strengthen your Google rankings.

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So Who Should I Hire?

Freelancers tend to be very busy and turnaround times can vary. Freelancers will typically make their clients provide and maintain their own web hosting. WordPress Websites self-hosted by companies are eventually in major trouble with hackers or break-fix issues. If a freelancer does not make time in continuing education, your site is likely to be sub-quality compared to those who spend time experimenting with new services and reading to further their knowledge of web design.

Boutique Agencies (THAT’S US!) typically have 2 or more members and can offer a higher level of overall quality and service. This is due to the simple fact today’s best websites require a variety of skill sets and it’s unrealistic for one person to possess all of these skills. They should be able to assist with a more collaborative approach to building the website, better graphics, writing capabilities, and better overall turn around times. Our reliable support infrastructure, coupled with our skilled team of WordPress experts enables 118Group to deliver an experience unmatched by solo-designers with fast response times, 99.99% website uptime and a dedicated support team ensuring that your website is set up for success in the future. Contact us today to get started!

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