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Why WordPress is the Most Trusted Small Businesses CMS Website

There's a reason that big names such as Ford, People Magazine, New York Times, Playstation and even CNN use Wordpress. Find out why WordPress is the best content management system for your business.

The sad or sweetest truth is that most clients do not care how their websites are built - all a client wants is an excellently built and/or designed website. Nonetheless, some clients understand how dangerous it can be and therefore demand details. Whichever group you fall in, it is highly important to know and understand why WordPress is the best CMS website for small businesses.

If you happen to be still new in the world of websites and blogging, you might have heard of WordPress and most probably wonder what it is. As a publishing platform utilized for building blogs and websites, WordPress powers millions if not billions of websites worldwide. Actually, huge brands such as Ford, People Magazine, New York Times Blogs, Playstation and even CNN - all use WordPress.

Reason #1: WordPress is very easy to use

To use this platform, you do not have to be a technical genius. Do you know how to edit MS word? Then you should be able to effortlessly handle this platform.

Reason #2: WordPress is supported by a global community

Since it is open-source, the platform is readily available for you to download, install, and use on your servers. This feature makes it highly cost-effective.

Reason #3: WordPress is highly flexible and cost-effective

The source code that is used to run WordPress is readily available to the general public. Anyone on the planet can change or modify the code of need be and then customize it further to exactly what he or she wants.

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Reason #4: WordPress is not only for blogging

Unlike initially, WordPress has become a powerful Content Management Suit that can power different types of sites such as job boards, business sites or websites that feature classified ads.

Reason #5: WordPress has numerous plugins

This platform has more than a thousand of plugins available. Good news is that most of them are free.

Reason #6: WordPress boasts countless templates

On its homepage, you can view numerous graphic templates that can transform the way your site looks.

Reason #7: WordPress has simple to use non-standard fields

Users can effortlessly add fields to forms either personally or using plugins. This allows your subpages or blog to have extra labels, descriptions, or categories.

Reason #8: WordPress positively affects SEO

WordPress is and has always been an SEO powerhouse. It is impressively coded to be SEO friendly. It brings with it an array of plugins that assist developers to fine-tune all aspects of SEO.

Reason #9: WordPress is highly responsive

The fact that this platform is responsive means that it can perform effortlessly and excellently across all devices that can access the internet. Whether your clients want to access your site through their desktops, laptops, tablets, or mobile gadgets, they are good to go.

Reason #10: WordPress is highly secure

The company behind WordPress recruits a high qualified and vastly experienced security team that consists of over twenty five experts. The only job these experts have is to ensure the platform is more than safe from attacks such as viruses, injections etc. Therefore, worrying about the security of your business website is the last thing you have to do.

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