Helping Our Women

Helping Our Women educates, empowers and supports women in the towns of Eastham, Wellfleet, Truro and Provincetown who are living with chronic, disabling or life threatening health conditions.

The context

When Helping Our Women (HOW) approached 118Group, they sought our expertise to enhance their online presence. Their primary goal was to revamp their existing website to better serve their mission of empowering and supporting women in need.

Our solution

Our team embraced the challenge and embarked on a comprehensive redesign. The objective was to create an engaging platform that effectively communicated their mission and was user-friendly for those using their services and interested in getting involved in the organization.

The Results

The Homepage

The homepage before the redesign was text heavy and not very engaging. The navigation as well as the content needed to be restructured to provide a more seamless experience.

We completely redesigned the homepage, prominently incorporating constituent stories, relevant news articles, convenient help links, and compelling social proof.



Hub for Help

HOW aimed to guarantee that any woman in need of assistance had easy access to the resources they provide. To achieve this goal, we developed a consolidated page featuring their core service areas, inquiry forms, calls to action, and firsthand accounts from constituents who have benefited from their services. The link to this page was labeled “Get Help” and placed first in the navigation to prioritize its accessibility.

Effective Storytelling

We prominently displayed real constituent success stories that resonate with the audience and demonstrate the tangible impact of HOW’s efforts. By sharing these stories, HOW is able to foster a deeper understanding of their mission and inspire meaningful engagement and support for their cause.


We recognized the importance of ensuring the website is accessible to a broad audience. By integrating Google Translate, we made the website multilingual, allowing users to effortlessly translate crucial content into their preferred language with just a few clicks.

Ongoing Campaign Help

Helping Our Women recognizes the importance of ongoing enhancements and using the website as a tool for engagement and fundraising. They regularly engage us to update their homepage with campaigns such as their Year End Appeal and Giving Tuesday. By utilizing the website as a central hub for these campaigns, they’ve experienced a significant surge in engagement from their audience.

Client Experience

“118Group delivers and the proof is in their website portfolio! We benefited from the user-friendly onboarding process and planning tool, but most importantly from the responsive, professional staff that listened and guided the design and development process. If you want a partner—choose team 118—they will get it done!”

Gwynne Guzzeau
– Executive Director

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