Outer Cape Community Solutions

To build collaborative solutions that increase health equity and improve the health and wellbeing of all Outer Cape residents through education, advocacy, and collective action.

The context

After years spent establishing the organization, Outer Cape Community Solutions (OCCS) decided the time was right to invest in a brand identity and online presence that would encourage potential network partners to engage with the organization and create greater visibility.

Our solution

Starting from scratch, our team got to work on putting together a website project roadmap and crafting a logo. The objective was to create a brand identity that felt approachable and community driven and design a user experience that served their partners and the community.

The highlights

The logo

To convey optimism and reflect the interconnectedness of the community, we incorporated vibrant colors in the logo and utilized a line style icon that is also found weaved throughout the website.

The homepage

OCCS was particular about the imagery being used on the website. They wanted locals to feel at home and represented, so we sourced real and familiar images of Cape Cod. We made sure to include their mission statement front and center, a section that clearly defines what they do to support their mission as well as tangible impact stories.

Get Help page

While the website primarily serves as a platform for connecting network partners in order to create solutions, it was essential that constituents seeking assistance had easy access to valuable resources. To achieve this, we opted to develop a comprehensive “Get Help” page, to guide those who may be uncertain about where to begin.


Due to the nuanced nature, we utilized infographics to help illustrate the three major components of the network that make up its structure. With a better understanding of how the organization works, partners can feel confident in their decision to get involved.

Streamlined administrative experience

For OCCS, self-administration was a priority. So we developed the website with simplicity in mind. We minimized the steps involved by creating a single process for adding new partners and automatically pulling in and formatting the information across different pages and designs.

Client Experience

“We worked with 118Group to establish ourselves as an organization – get a logo, build a brand, create a website. I can’t imagine a better team to work with.

They were consistently highly communicative, eager to learn about my organization, patient with me and all of my questions, and went above and beyond to make sure our network was pleased. We’re a unique organization and explaining what we do can be tricky, but team 118 nailed it. I’m so proud of what they have built for us and I get compliments REGULARLY from others checking out our website.

Any time I have a question or if I need support, they respond immediately and with great clarity. If you have no idea what you’re doing when it comes to website design, you are in the BEST of hands with team 118Group. I recommend them to any and every organization that asks.”

Alex Nelson
– Network Coordinator

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