Sturgis Charter Public School

A charter school located in Hyannis, Massachusetts that specializes in offering a rigorous International Baccalaureate (IB) program to students.

Smiling students in their cap and gowns for graduation

The context

Having decided to open a second campus (Sturgis West) to expand its ability to offer the (IB) program to students, Sturgis needed to improve the digital experience it provided for parents, students, and administrators. Up until then, information regarding each respective campus was intertwined within the website, making it difficult to navigate and impossible to provide tailored information to each separate location.

The design of the website was extremely outdated and reflected poorly on the school’s mission to provide an exceptional educational experience. Further, each campus had started to develop its own unique identity, with different color schemes and branding that were not reflected on the website.

Our solution

Our main goal with the new website was to provide separate “hubs” for students from the East campus and the West campus. We wanted each “school” to have its own place for adding events, resources, newsletters, and more. We also wanted to make it easy for staff from each campus to administer and update their own hubs.

Our solution was to build a more general main website, along with two “microsites” for each respective campus. Each microsite contained its own event calendar, blog section, menu navigation, and branding.

The Results

The homepage

We wanted a main website that both excited potential students & parents, while also ensuring that we provided easy access to the separate campus hubs right from the homepage.


Old Sturgis website homepage


Sturgis home page


Links to East and West Campus on Sturgis website

We designed the navigation of the website to be extremely intuitive and added a secondary navigation below the main menu for accessing the campus hubs and the community portal.


Video section of Sturgis homepage

In order to capture the attention and the imagination of parents and potential students alike, we featured a video highlighting Sturgis’s unique approach to education directly on opening screen of the homepage.


In order to ensure that the diverse parent and student population had equal access to the information and resources available on the site, we included a translation feature that automatically changes the language of any text on the website to the user’s preferred language selection.

Google Translate widget on Sturgis website

Campus hubs

We designed two separate campus hubs within the main Sturgis website in order to house important information relevant specifically to each campus’s respective students.

Each hub features its own event calendar, notice section, incoming student resources, contact information and more!

Sturgis East campus homepage
Sturgis West campus homepage

Client Experience

“We tasked 118Group with our web development needs for a brand new school website. They were responsive, professional, and an enormous help in our efforts to overhaul our existing site. The process was smooth and the launch successful. I have dealt with many redesigns in my career and this was by far the most efficient; we didn’t have to worry about much. I would highly recommend 118Group for your web needs.”

Laura Roskos
– Communications & Development Manager

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